Monday Mini Retreats

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March 29: Patricia Kane, M.Ed: “From Control to Freedom in God”

This mini-retreat will take a fresh look at how we as individuals and as a faith community can breathe the healing of Christ into our wounded Church. As the Body of Christ, each of us carries a special key to unlock the bondage of fear, anger and grief that is the fallout of the pain of scandal, disillusionment, and even despair. Some practical tools will be presented to identify our unique charisms to help renew our Church. The goal of this mini-retreat is to be Good News.

April 26: Sr. Kathy Duffy, SSJ, PhD: “Teilhard’s Mystical Path”

In his essay, “The Mystical Milieu,” Jesuit paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin provides a road map into the intensely mystical environment in which he lived and moved. He describes the stages of his mystical growth in terms of five concentric circles. These circles provided him with a sacred path into an ever deepening reality, a reality that is informed as much by the science of his time as by his religious tradition. They help us trace Teilhard’s growth and development as he plunged ever more deeply into the heart of matter and into the heart of God, where he found a loving, cosmic 2 Person – the God for evolution. During this presentation, we will walk with Teilhard along these circles, allowing experience to open our contemplative hearts to the wonders of our universe and to the Divine Presence that dwells there.

May 24: Robert Barber, BA in Studio Art and BA in Fine Arts:
“Painting with the Eyes of Faith”

Painting has been a lifelong passion for Robert J. Barber, and he paints as faithfully to life as he possibly can in all of his landscape and figurative works. His 3 main themes are our Landscape, our Faith, and his family. In the outdoors, Robert sees vivid displays of God?s steadfastness, joined with a capacity to create anew, that very gently calls forth a real sense of awe. Creation offers many different flavors of preaching, and opening
to any of the marvels and beauties of God?s handiwork is another way we can get to know Him more fully.