Food Bank

Feed My Sheep

      The local food bank is located in the old Easton Catholic Elementary school building, across from St. Anthony’s Church. The contact for the food bank are Ellen and Dennis Potter, who have had many years of dedication and experience in coordinating this service to the community. As conditions allow, food is distributed “pre-bagged” of through an open shopping experience. CDC guidelines are followed for this process. The food they will accept from individuals must be non-perishable, but can be of any type. Basically what you eat, you can donate. That does include soups, peanut butter, jams, jellies, tuna, pasta, dried beans, cookies, snacks, juice boxes, dried fruit, granola, cereals, etc.

    In the past we have had people put items in boxes, or small plastic bags which are then repackaged into a box. You can imagine that the weight can get up there very quickly. It does make it difficult for some of the volunteers to lift the boxes and move them. One of the requirements for volunteering there is that you must be able to lift 25 lbs easily. The suggestion we are making is that you use a reusable shopping bag, the ones with handles, and pack the food in there. This makes them easily transportable, easy to pack in a vehicle and easier to transfer to the organizations. Perhaps even someone out there would consider getting a grocery store to make a donation of bags!!!!

   Our role as a Sunday community is to partner with and support this ministry and others, as they are brought to our attention. St. Francis was a person of action, attentive to others and humble in his work. Your actions here reflect those characteristics and they do give glory to God.  For our part here, if you feel called to contribute, you may bring a bag of food to the retreat center, and leave it in the “back entryway vestibule”.. by the ramp!  WE will make sure that it gets delivered to the food bank. If you feel you are called to be involved more with this group, you contact the Potters at 610-253-0814. Please be respectful of the times you call as they are very busy and it may take a little while for them to get back to you..

     There is no “timeline” or “deadline” for bring food for the foodbank. As you can imagine hunger for  some people rarely takes a break.  If you bring food to us at St. Francis, it will be delivered. If you choose to bring it directly, please contact the Potters for the best time to do a drop off. Thank you for all you have done for others. It is the love of God that motivates us.