March 20-22 “Dealing with Differences” Weekend Retreat

Weekend Retreat March

“Dealing with Differences”—“How Can We Get Along” will focus on the difficulty we all have in trying to relate effectively and harmoniously with other people. Some helpful (but hard) hints will be presented and discussed as to how we can enrich our lives and the lives of one another through the grace of understanding. $165.00 per person.


From the Franciscans

God will find a place to inspire us even if we are not reading Scriptures or theology books. The other day I read a quotation stfrancisfrom the once famous comedienne Tallulah Bankhead. She said “I’m miserable if I’m not in love, and of course, I’m miserable if I am!” Loneliness demands that we open up ourselves to others; love demands that we surrender ourselves to others. Both demands are painful. There is no love without pain.

The Franciscans.

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