Prayer of the Heart—Contemplative Prayer

Thursday Mornings—9:30 to 11:30 Sept. – Mayprayer-of-the-heart
“Prayer of the Heart—Contemplative Prayer”
Directed by Mark Ligett, OFM and Betty Power , CPM
Many Christians believe there are two types of prayer. First, there is the prayer of the ordinary person, the daily and liturgical prayer that we all experience. And then there is a second type of prayer, the prayer that really holy people like monks, nuns and hermits experience: Contemplative Prayer.
This weekly group will seek to show that contemplative prayer is for everyone. There is no great division between the prayer of ordinary people and that of the most cloistered hermit. Contemplative prayer is all about intimacy with God, and everyone is called to that intimate experience of God’s love. The course will look at the essence of contemplative prayer and study techniques which serve as aids to this type of prayer. Each week will provide ample opportunity to spend time in this Prayer of the Heart.
Anyone may begin at any time to come to class on any Thursday morning.