Monday Evening Mini-Retreats

January 25: “Comfort the Sorrowful”  scan0001

We begin our series of mini-retreats reflecting on the traditional seven “Spiritual Works of Mercy.” This evening our theme will be “Comforting the Sorrowful.” In this post-holiday, mid-winter time of year we may find ourselves dealing with the so-called “doldrums.” How can our spirits be uplifted in times of boredom, loss, and distress? Donation: $25.00

February 29: “Admonishing the Sinner”BishopBarres

“Admonishing the Sinner” is another spiritual work of mercy. We are both saint and sinner as we journey through life. As a consequence we need challenge, encouragement, and compassion in order to feel and to be a peace with the Lord. Presenter: Most Rev. John Barres, Bishop of Allentown, Pa. Donation: $25.00

March 21: “Forgiving Injuries”

One of our most difficult challenges is that of forgiving ourselves and others. Hurts are heavy burdens, and healing often comes slowly. “Forgiving Injuries” is the spiritual work of mercy we seek to understand and appreciate this evening.  Donation: $25.00

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Our Monday night mini-retreats are three-hour sessions that include a full meal (6:00 p.m.), presentation, prayer, and discussion (7:00 p.m.) and night prayer and blessing (9:00 p.m.)
The donation for these mini-retreats is $25.00 per person.
Please register for these mini-retreats at least one week before the event so that we can arrange the needed space, produce the necessary hand-outs, and prepare the special meals for all who come. All are welcome!                                                           More Info

May the Lord give you peace!
The Franciscans and the Retreat House Retreat Team.