High School Retreats



The Church which is ever old but ever new welcomes young people. We heed the exhortation of Jesus who proclaimed: “Whoever welcomes this little child on my account welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me welcomes him who sent me; for the least one among
you is the greatest.” (Luke 9:48) As collaborators in the Church’s mission of evangalization, St. Francis Retreat House has gratefully hosted high school retreat programs for many years. Six high schools from several nearby dioceses come for three or four-day retreats during the school year. Usually, the larger schools have two or three such retreats scheduled every year. Each school brings its team of peer leaders and adult advisors and counselors to help their students grow into a deeper understanding and appreciation of their relationship with God, with their families, and with the Church at large.

Our retreat house campus has over 20 acres of green space which offers a scenic landscape to reflect the majesty of God. This large area offers the opportunity for solitude and quiet time to those on retreat so they can contemplate God’s beauty and His love for all creatures. Teens enjoy this relaxed and refreshing environment as they come to a growing awareness of their identity as unique and special individuals and as viable and important members of the Body of Christ.

Along with Catholic high schools, parish youth find our facilities and grounds conducive to group retreats, activities, and days of recollection. The friars and the staff at St. Francis Retreat House are happy to host and welcome these various youth groups. We share with the schools and parishes a commitment to our younger brothers and sisters whom we see and respect as God’s children and the future of our Church.


 Immaculata high school retreatants describe experience

St. Francis Retreat House Kairos Retreat

Video contains Kairos Retreatant’s Feedback from Conwell Egan High School, Fairless Hills, Pa about their recent retreat experience at St. Francis Retreat House in Easton, Pa. (Feb. 2011).