Guided Meditations

Every time you take in a breath, you are repeating the pattern of taking spirit into matter, and thus repeating the first creation of AdamAnd every time you breathe out, you are repeating the pattern of returning spirit to the material universe.”  R. Rohr

Maureen DeBellis, spiritual director and Heart Rhythm Meditation [HRM] instructor, will be offering 20-minute guided meditations via ZOOM in July.  No experience is necessary – basic HRM instruction and Franciscan spirituality will be woven into each session.  These sessions are on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 am [EST] on July 22, and 29.  Each session will be a time for grounding and stabilizing the body, and by extension the nervous system, using the gifts of the breath, heartbeat, and intention.  No experience is necessary.   

Participants must register to receive the ZOOM link/passcode by registering below, by calling 610-258-3053, ext. 10, or by contacting Maureen directly at  Please include SFRH HRM in the email subject line.  Thanks.   

July 29th Registration