Grounds and Greens

Highlighted below are a sampling of several features of interest within the lands around the retreat house. Many of these garden features and landscaping were donated over the years by our benefactors and retreatants, and have blessed many visitors. Come and enjoy.

The St. Francis Chapel stands as the central point of the retreat house. Above the doors to the church stands the ten-foot concrete sculpture of St. Francis looking into the courtyard. Behind the statue of Francis of Assisi is the great stained glass of the “Canticle of the Creatures.”

St. Francis of Assisi Statue

“Be praised my God through your creature world, especially Sir Brother Sun.” —St. Francis of Assisi

This impressive figure of St. Francis of Assisi stands over 12 feet tall and greets the morning sunrise in silent contemplation. Many visitors find this garden a special place of quiet petition and prayer. It is surrounded by animal figures on every side showing how the saint joined with all creation in singing the praises of God.

On the east side of the retreat house sits a pavilion with the Pieta. Retreatants often gather here for the rosary. This pavilion served as the baldachino in 1964 for the Mass celebrated by Pope Paul VI in Yankee Stadium, NYC. Under the pavilion is a replica of Michelangelo’s “Pieta,” imported from Italy.

The Meditation Garden is an ideal setting for rest and refreshment. Lighted by the soft morning sun, and sheltered in the lee of the chapel walls from afternoon glare, visitors can gaze undisturbed into the reflection pond, or ponder the touching sculpture of the Holy Family.