COVID-19 Guidelines

Revised May 29th, 2021

With the changing of COVID restrictions and the gradual return to some form of normalcy, we are making the following changes today in our own guidelines for safety here at Saint Francis Retreat House.  These changes are being made after studying the current guidelines from the CDC as well as the local States guidelines including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware.  These are subject to further revision.


We are eliminating all social distancing in the chapel, conference rooms and dining rooms.  The 6ft of social distancing which we have insisted upon in the set-up of all venues is no longer required.  However, we will encourage our guests to respect those individuals who still feel a need to socially distance and we will make sure those guests are able to have the distancing they desire.  Floor markers in the dining room buffet line and in the chapel will be removed during the first week in June.


For those fully vaccinated, the wearing of masks is no longer required in any area of the building.  For those who have not been vaccinated, masks should be worn in all public spaces of the building.  Guests and staff members are again asked to respect each individual’s choice.  For the time being, we request that kitchen staff and buffet line volunteers continue to wear masks when serving food to our guests.


The plexiglass barriers have been removed from the registration tables in the lobby and the check-out counter in the gift shop.  The plexiglass barrier at  the buffet line will be removed no later than June 4th.  (Note:  Even with its removal the buffet table itself provides 5ft of social distancing.)  The plexiglass barrier at the dish room window will remain in place.


Hand sanitizers will remain in key places throughout the building and guests and staff are encouraged to use them frequently.


Effective immediately, we will no longer use our electro-sanitizer to sanitize the building after each group.  We will continue to thoroughly clean all spaces as we have always done and use a Lysol type sanitization while doing our regular cleaning.


Since reopening in late August of 2020, we have required each individual coming to SFRH to complete and sign a health questionnaire.  Beginning on Monday, May 24th, this has been eliminated for all adults.  We will continue to ask schools to use the questionnaire until such time that the majority of high school students have received the vaccine.  We suspect that by Fall, the questionnaire will no longer be required of any individuals coming to SFRH.


Adults coming to SFRH will no longer be required to have their temperature taken upon entry in our building.  We will continue to check the temperature of high school students until such time that we feel the majority of them have received the vaccine.


We have made the decision to maintain our current occupancy level at 38 through the summer months.   Beginning the first week of September, we will reopen the “Jack and Jill” bedrooms in the East Wing which will increase our maximum occupancy to around 47.  We will also permit groups to double book the bedrooms on the 2nd floor North, the rooms that have two twin beds.  That will allow for another 8 individuals bringing our total occupancy to 55.  Of course, if the rooms with Queen beds are occupied by two individuals, our total occupancy becomes 64.  As of this date, we have not yet made a decision about when the West wing will be reopened for occupancy.  That decision is forthcoming.  When it does, our maximum occupancy will be 79.


Signage throughout the building mandating social distancing has been removed.  Likewise, the signs at exterior doors have been changed to reflect these new guidelines.


During this time of COVID, we restricted most groups to the use chairs only in the conference areas.  Beginning on June 4th, groups may again use tables including the round tables.