Celebrating Differences in the Family, Sept. 28

2 September 28 2015 mini retreat

As Pope Francis comes to Philadelphia for the world-wide celebration of family life, we take this opportunity to join with him in reflecting on the beauty of differences in our families. Difference is a gift of God to humanity in order that we might arrive at completion and fulfillment. Differences are the active ingredients of beauty and truth; what we have in common is our gift of difference, and these differences need not divide us. Our differences can deepen our capacity to love. Only when people get beyond themselves, grow out of themselves, will they discover God, learn to appreciate their own uniqueness, and find strength to authentically relate to other persons and to the whole of God’s creation.

Our Monday night mini-retreats are three-hour sessions that include a full meal (6:00 p.m.), presentation, prayer, and discussion (7:00 p.m.) and night prayer and blessing (9:00 p.m.)
The donation for these mini-retreats is $25.00 per person.
Please register for these mini-retreats before the event so that we can arrange the needed space, produce the necessary hand-outs, and prepare the special meals for all who come. All are welcome!                                                                      Registration