Conversations Over Coffee

We invite you to join us for CONVERSATIONS OVER COFFEE during the year 2017.  At St. Francis Retreat House we are offering an opportunity for us to come together in coffecupconversations about our spiritual life and our relationships with one another as sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus.  There are no presentations on these evenings, just open and free sharing about our spiritual quests and our heart-felt concerns—our joys and sorrows, our hopes and dreams, and our struggles and doubts as we walk together on our journey of faith.  These will be real conversations with a lot of listening to one another and reverent dialogue.  In this way we learn to appreciate and accept the many differences we all bring to the table as a family of God.  In a world of many divisions, we will do what children of God can and must do, namely, recognize our common life, and come to know and appreciate our brothers and sisters despite the many diverse cultural and educational experiences we have as individuals.

Sept. – May only *Dates to be announced*

We might be surprised about the many helpful suggestions we may hear from one another as we share our strategies and experiences on this topic. Everyone is invited to participate. We will meet in Conference Room A. Please enter the Retreat House through the front portico glass doors. 7:00 – 8:15 p.m. In the upper room at our retreat house. All are welcome to these “Conversations over Coffee.”There is no charge but a free will offering can be made.